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Self Care: Organize your Life & organize your soul

One of the most important aspects of self-care is to have time for ourselves, to make room for new things, new...

Mujeres de Poder – Women of Power Rosalina Spencer making a difference in San Diego

Powerful Latinas are making a difference in San Diego every day, in every corner. Our Celebrando Latinas magazine team works hard every...

Self Care: Anxiety and Stress

As Latinas we are always facing all kinds of challenges, and we don’t always cope with them in the best manner. This...

Self-Care: Se vale decir NO

Una de las claves del éxito es aprender a poner límites, al hacerlo nuestra confianza crece y aunque no lo creas,...

Caring for the woman in us at all ages

Improve your habits and the future you will thank you, even Celebrate you!

Cita del día

Creo que uno de los mayores riesgos de la vida es nunca atreverse a arriesgarse ...Oprah Winfrey
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Celebrando Around Town Latinas Night Out!

For your next Latinas Night Out, you have to check out NOVO Brazil Brewery and Tasting Room. Located at 901 Lane Avenue...

Vivian Moreno Balance and Growth

Vivian Moreno was elected to represent the City of San Diego’s Eighth City Council District in 2018. She’s a “tía” of...

Latinas in Business: Paulina Chaidez of Cocina 35

Cocina 35 is already a favorite destination for San Diego foodies, its authentic Mexican menu offers flavors and textures inherited from a...

¡Conexión Latina!

Dos palabras que identifican a Andy González con una comunidad a la que ama Por Horacio Rentería